The GOES-R Series Faculty Virtual Course consists of seven interactive webinars to provide an introduction to the new capabilities offered by the latest-generation GOES-R series weather satellite. This course was offered free for university faculty. Recordings of each of the sessions and accompanying quizzes are now available on the MetEd website.

Course topics:

Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) (Tim Schmit)

Tropical Cyclones (Andrea Schumacher)

Severe Storms (Michael Bowlan)

Rapid Scan Imaging (Dan Lindsey)

Aviation Products (Chad Gravelle, Amanda Terborg)

Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) (Scott D. Rudlosky, Geoffrey Stano)

Multispectral RGB Composites (Emily Berndt, Michael Folmer)

This course is offered by COMET® Program in partnership with NOAA NESDIS and the GOES-R Satellite Program Office. For more information including topic descriptions and information see: 

For more information about the GOES-R satellite series and GOES-16, see: