The first NWS GOES-16 User Applications Workshop will take place in Kansas City from 14-16 November 2017. The meeting is sponsored by the GOES-R Program, the NWS Operations Proving Ground (OPG), and the NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer (OCLO).

The purpose of this User’s Workshop is to enable NWS WFO, RFC, CWSU, and National Center forecasters to share applied content on the use of GOES-16 in forecast and warning operations. The meeting will be held both in person and virtually over the three days so that all interested NWS staff may benefit. A significant portion of this meeting will involve "GOES-16 Application Sessions" with content harvested, developed, and presented by NWS forecasters using AWIPS/CAVE as we envision forecasters telling their stories in the system they routinely use. The sessions will be presented in the NWSTC Auditorium via a ThinClient connection to the OPG AWIPS, which allows the freedom to explore the data on the operational system during their case studies and integrated Q&A. Live streaming will be provided to virtual attendees.

To register on the site and access the workshop information, please use enrollment key GOESApps17. Note that a MetEd login is required to access the site.