Satellite Science Week is a joint meeting to review and discuss the state of the science portfolio of the GOES-R and JPSS programs. This includes GOES-R and JPSS products, their availability and maturity, risk reduction science activities, and calibration/validation.

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Communicate status of products available from NESDIS operations and direct readout

  2. Review the progress of GOES-R/JPSS Risk Reduction new and continuing projects over the past year

  3. Present results/issues/science from the GOES-R/JPSS Risk Reduction participants including: data fusion applications/techniques, proxy data and interactions with anticipated end-users

  4. Provide an overview of the GOES-R/JPSS cal/val activities (summary)

  5. Examine value and impact of using the same/common algorithms for geostationary and polar orbiting data

  6. Identify methods for developing products integrated/fused with other data sources

  7. Promote understanding of scientific maturity, and readiness of path to operations between baseline, future capability and experimental products and/or decision aids
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