Topic outline

  • The COMET Translation Resource Center (TRC)

    • Overview of the TRC

      The COMET Translation Resource Center (TRC) supports the WMO community's efforts to expand the availability of training materials through translation. Here you'll find resources to guide and support your translation efforts and a forum to exchange ideas and resources.

    • A Guide to Translation Project Management

      The Guide to Translation Project Management can assist organizations planning to produce translations or to establish a translation program.

      Translation is a deceptively complex endeavor, requiring the active collaboration of multiple participants in order to produce a quality product. The guide explains the process, describes some possible pitfalls and ways to avoid them, and offers guidance in creating a translation team, including the selection of a translation company or independent translators. It also describes translation and distribution formats, rates, tools, resources, and best practices. Included are sample checklists, guidelines and instruction sheets that can be customized for use in various stages of the translation process.

      This guide was developed as a collaborative WMO Global Campus project by The COMET Program and the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) with funding by NOAA’s National Weather Service International Activities Office.

      • A Guide to Translation Project Management - Full version File 851.3KB PDF document Uploaded 02/28/17, 17:42
      • A Guide to Translation Project Management - Abridged version File 945.9KB PDF document Uploaded 02/28/17, 08:26
      • Guide de gestion des projets de traduction : version abrégée File 885.6KB PDF document Uploaded 02/28/17, 08:36
    • Glossaries

      Dictionaries and glossaries are essential tools for any writer, and that includes translators. Many organizations keep terminology lists to ensure consistent use. Translators use glossaries for consistency as well, but also to avoid the need to research the same terms multiple times.
    • Writing and Editing for Adaptation, Translation, and Localization

      When writing content that may at some point be used in translation, or selecting materials to adapt for translation, be aware that the quality of the source text will affect the outcome of the translation process. When writing or editing original copy that will be translated, it is important to use clear, succinct language that avoids culturally bound expressions, non-standard terminology and jargon, and excessive reliance on particular geographical location (unless relevant to the material). The following resources provide insight on best practices for working with content that will be translated or adapted for reuse.

    • Planning and Preparation

      Good planning and preparation will help make your translation project flow more smoothly and reduce some of the problems that can occur along the way. In addition to the Guide to Translation Project Management presented on this site, here are some resources related to planning and preparation.

    • Translation Tools

      This section describes some of the tools that are commonly used to translate, from word processors and html editors to translation software, as well as some of their strengths and limitations vis-a-vis certain kinds of materials, such as PDFs and html files. It also discusses tool options and choices for working with non-professional translators, reviewers and other participants in the translation process.